WordPress Backup & Recovery

WordPress Backup & Recovery

Protective your investment! A robust backup & recovery solution helps you bounce back from outages and data loss. Available now, WordKeeper, a comprehensive recovery solution for WordPress.


Introductory price:

  • $120/yearly subscription for nightly backups*
  • $99/flat restoration for WordKeeper subscribers

* Certain restrictions apply

While WordPress is one of the most stable and secure content management platforms available, your data is invaluable and when malice or accident strike, you need to be ready.

Did you know that while many hosting services offer basic backups, they are often sporadic, incomplete and very difficult to restore from (lacking many of the vital configuration and permission needed)?

Every day without a backup, is invaluable data and site traffic you may never see again!

Step1: Consultation

We will examine your site for free to make sure it's backup compliant before you commit a single penny.

We examine your unique situation, identifying your usage, volume and traffic to determine the best strategy for backing up and securing your data.

Step 2:

Our automatic backup scans your WordPress database at specified intervals, creates a compressed backup, and delivers it to your for archiving or storage. You keep using your site as usual with confidence and peace of mind. Depending on your site's publishing/update cycle, we recommend a minimum of weekly backups, but strongly recommend daily.

Step 3:

What use is your backup if it's lost along with the rest of your site? Our service stores your backups securely off site and can even integrate with your Dropbox account (assuming your account plan is sufficient). You have access to your backups anytime you want, for whatever purpose you want, or you can use our restore service with confidence and ease.

Step 4: 

Don't have your own technical services department? Not a problem! All active subscribers have access to our flat fee restoration service. In most cases, we can restore your site to a stable hosting server in 24 hours. Not enough? Our Support Services can craft a custom migration solution and consult on a new host that suits your needs and budget.

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