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Design & Development

Regardless of what your current web presence is; none, outdated, under-implemented or just in need of some fine tuning, It's WordPress design and development services can help you out.

From the beginning we want to hear about your vision and your goals. We can offer as much or as little guidance and consulting as you need. From "blue sky" concepts where we will assist you in crystallizing your ideas into a functioning site, to quick-to-market projects where you just need to get your WordPress-ready Photoshop files programmed, we have you covered.

What do you get with It's WordPress?

We realize that not every venture has the same needs. Sometimes you need an immediate, professional online presence with the option to grow in the future. We can streamline the process and let you launch your site in the shortest possible time, with no regrets.

Other times, your online vision isn't so simply translated to the world. We can help with the process of making your online presence a reality. We can help you every step of the way, removing the obstacles and laying the foundation for a web presence that will communicate your message to the world.

What do you get with WordPress?

The world's most popular Content Management System and the easiest way to jump online without breaking the bank. And what the heck is a Content Management System (CMS)? Have you ever wished you could update and maintain your organizational web site just like you update your offline documents? That is precisely what WordPress does.

Through an easy, intuitive interface that you can access from any internet connected computer in the world (and now, many smart phones). All without having to learn any programming and in real time. Still unclear? How about a Quick Introduction to Content Management Systems and Learn About the WordPress Revolution?

Our Process


This is our thumbnail estimate phase. We will ask you for various information regarding your project ranging from your existing technical resources, new resources needed, site functionality, features needed, technology integration, special needs, content needs (written, imagery, media) and general scope of the site. During this phase we will also assess the design complexity of your site as well as the any need for media purchasing or any third-party licensing. Bring anything you like that helps you express your practical as well as aesthetic goals — color samples, inspirational photographs, similar/dissimilar sites, etc. Once this phase is complete, you will be presented with a project outline/summary and estimate.


Using the information and relationship we've developed with our clients, we construct a strategy that fits their needs, budget and timelines. If you accept our outline, you will be provided with a contract and deposit invoice. Upon contract signing and deposit payment, your project will commence. From this point forward, additional features and requests are absolutely feasible and will be added as addendum to your work order at an hourly rate and may impact delivery dates depending on scale. We will also establish a timeline of deliverables to keep your project moving in a timely and dependable manner.


This is where the magic starts. Combining design and technology seamlessly, we weave form and functionality into a full functioning website on our secure, private hosting environment. In this environment we can test functionality, check compatibility and iron out any challenges before your site is approved for launch. You may be asked to periodically review milestones in the site development process. If training and orientation is part of your project, we can often provide it in the safety of the testing environment so you will be ready for your live site.

Deployment or Delivery

Once we have completed our development cycle, we will lock the site to further development, prepare a backup/archive of all assets and initial our Delivery or Deployment process. At this time, an invoice for the balance of your project will be issued. If you requested Deployment we will set up the site and all dependencies covered by the project to the pre-agreed hosting server. Alternatively, if you requested to deploy the site yourself or through other means, we can provide the full backup/archive version.


We believe in following through on our work. In the case of Deployment projects, we will monitor the post-launch site until we are satisfied your launch is fully successful. In the case of Deployment projects, we will coordinate with your personal to make sure they have all the information and assets they require. Our goal here is to guarantee satisfaction and make sure the process was executed smoothly. If you have established a service contract with us, we will be available at our stipulated level. But in any case, we can always be contracted for on-demand support.

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