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In this Theme View update we feature themes that take advantage of Responsive Web Design techniques.  What is Responsive Web Design? I’m glad you asked!  The capabilities, formats and sizes of the browsing experience have become more and more diverse in the last few years at what seems to be an accelerated rate.  The most readily visible lines fall along mobile phones, tablets and traditional desktops & laptops.  And within these common groups there are even further distinctions such as low bandwidth connectivity on data plans, various tablet screen sizes, widely varying screen resolution capabilities and so forth.

All this, and more, has made Responsive Web Design to become a hot topic in many design and development communities.  The short story is that Responsive Web Design tries to pull in various, pre-existing techniques and resources, and combine them in a best practice approach that balances (and sometimes compromises) to provide the broadest possible quality user experience for the most diverse visitor set.  Some examples include detecting the dynamically detecting and responding to the capabilities of a user’s device/connection, fluid layouts, user interface considerations and graceful degradation of more robust features & content.   While Responsive Web Design does seek to address mobile users, it should not be confused with dedicated mobile site design or optimization.

The following are three WordPress themes that attempt to incorporate various Responsive Web Design principles.  Site owners that have a broad user base might consider using these themes (or similar ones).  Developers might pick up valuable experience from examining the code and techniques employed by their designers & developers.


One the greatest strengths of WordPress is the ability to apply a potentially infinite variety of “Themes” to it.  These Themes can radically transform the appearance of WordPress making each install unique, if desired.  You aren’t stuck with the handful of designs, but can choose from thousands of free and premium designs as well as creating your own if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and learn their flexible and powerful template system.


Ascetica Responsive ThemeSimple portfolio and blog theme with responsive layout, sticky posts slider, and a widget for presenting your work. The theme settings include options for uploading favicon and logo images, color picker, typography settings, and a nice selection of Google fonts.Preview


Buttercream Responsive ThemeA cute cupcake theme in three different color styles. Also supports optional responsive layout, custom menus, widget-ready sidebars and all post formats.Preview


The Bootstrap Responsive ThemeA WordPress Theme based on Bootstrap, from Twitter. It features a 100% responsive layout, a superb gallery and image handling, a clean and simple design and a lot more!Preview

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