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Love or hate it, Facebook is still the 800 pound gorilla in the social networking room. And when trying to add key functionality to your WordPress, it is certainly worth considering how to leverage Facebook to enhance your site’s content, traffic or user experience. Today I’m featuring three recent plugins (admittedly, from hundreds, if not thousands) that extend WordPress further into to the Facebook ecosystem.

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All in One Facebook PluginAll In One Facebook: With this widget and plugin combination , you can display a customizable JQUERY accordion which gathers Facebook social plugins together with option which to be display or which you don’t want to display in your side bar or widget area, and by the plugin you can set short code for each and every thing what you want to put in your post on your website.


Facebook Status Updater PluginFacebook Status Updater:  Facebook Status Updater allows you to connect to Facebook through the Graph API and share posts to your/your pages’ Timeline when publishing post. To share a post you must first set up the plugin. After it is set up you must enable at least one of your Timelines (Profile/Pages/Apps). You will then see a meta box when adding/editing a post.


Nebula Facebook Comments PluginNebula Facebook Comments: Replaces the default comments functionality by Facebook’s Comments social plugin. Comments Box is a social plugin that enables user commenting on your site. Features include moderation tools and distribution. Comments are easily shared with friends or with people who like your Page on Facebook. If a user leaves the “Post to Facebook” box checked when she posts a comment, a story appears on her friends’ News Feed indicating that she’s made a comment on your website, which will also link back to your site.



Ever wished a piece of software had just one more feature to make it perfect for your needs? WordPress gives you that option. Instead of trying to stuff every conceivable feature into their releases, WordPress focuses on providing a solid, community perfected platform that is EXPANDABLE. Drawing upon millions of users and thousands of developers, Plugins are custom modules that can be added to an existing WordPress installation to completely change existing WordPress features or add brand new ones.


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